This course is for you if:

- you want to know how your reproductive system functions:

            - is your cycle normal, and what is the norm?

            - do you have ovulations, and if yes, when do they happen?

            - do your ovaries work well?

            - why is your cycle irregular and what to do about it?

- you are interested in understanding how different factors (lifestyle, food, emotions, stress) affect you, which factors your body can deal with and which ones are harmful to your female health;

- your intimate life causes more problems than joy because of

            - fear of an unplanned pregnancy

            - necessity of using contraceptives and decrease in desire as a result

            - problems with reproductive health;

- you want a child, but pregnancy won’t come

- you don’t want children at the moment and thus want to efficiently postpone pregnancy in a natural way

- you would like to plan your life in accordance with your own biological rhythms and physical abilities

- you have some recurring symptoms (thrush, acne, low immunity, bloating) and you would like to know what causes them and what to do with them

- you want to know what ‘womanly’ conditions are within the norm and which ones can pinpoint to some problems, when you can manage them on your own and when a visit to a doctor is due.

Come study the method with a certified consultant, and together we will learn to read the language of your body! The course is conducted by a certified consultant Anna Treier.


Organizational information:

- The course includes 5-6 meetings every 3-4 weeks upon agreement (online meetings possible), one meeting is 2,5-3h. First consultation meeting is for free.

- Between the meetings, the consultant is available to answer your questions.

- The cost is 180 EUR; it is possible to pay in instalments as convenient for you. Refer a friend - get a 10% discount! (Possible to refer up to 5 friends and get up to 50% discount.) Start studying with a friend, get a 25% doscount each!


This course is the best present for yourself! Drop a line to or on a Facebook page Ovulation Witness, and the consultant will be in touch shortly!