Solid shampoo with vanilla and coconut for dry hair

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This natural shampoo is cruelty-free and zero-waste, packed in compostable box printed with vegetable inks. Solid shampoos are available with or without essential oils, with unique scents, and for dry, normal and oily hair. Rub your solid shampoo on wet hair, massage thoroughly and rinse off as you do with a liquid shampoo. Easy as that!

This shampoo is with vanilla and coconut scent and perfectly suitable for dry hair.

INCI: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil *, kaolin, aqua, stearic acid, palmitic acid, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, coco glucoside, parfum/fragrance, tocopherol, helianthus annus (sun-flower) seed oil.

Advantages of a solid shampoo:

* Lasts as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo
* Zero waste
* Vegan
* Sulphate free
* Journey-friendly

Weight: 55g

Between uses, keep the shampoo bar in a saucer at the edge of your bath, in a glass or even on a sponge. When transporting, you can keep your shampoo in an empty glass jar, but put it into a washcloth so it could ventilate and dry.

This shampoo does not contain essential oils, thus suitable for pregnant, lactating, and young children.