High-absorbent, detachable panties

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Especially convenient for a quick change without undressing. Perfect for travelling, sports, office, for fast-paced women for a quick and comfortable change. Excellent protection for heavy period days and other leakage problems. Use, clean, use again.
  - Wear for up to 12 hours
  - Absorbs up to 3-times tampons usage
  - Suitable for wearing during day and night
  - Comfortable during sports
  - Suitable during menstrual cycle, bladder incontinence and leakages

After usage, rinse the undies under running water and then wash with a cold-water program (up to 40 degrees), hang for natural drying. Do not use any laundry bleach or fabric softener, do not iron.

The undies are made from ultra-soft bamboo fabric, which is naturally antibacterial, breathable and helps to regulate body temperature. The underwear is produced by using four fine-technological steps that makes the material microbial-repellent, moisture-repellent, well-absorbing, breathable and leak-proof.
Inner and Outer: 95% Bamboo fabric 5% Elastane, Trim:100% Polyester, Gusset: Absorbent blend, Breathable PUL

For ordering the most accurate size, measure your hips from the widest point. If you prefer more tight-fitting underwear, tighten the measuring tape slightly and only then take the measure. If you prefer a more loose-fitting underwear, measure your hips by holding the tape more lightly. If you are still confused then do not hesitate to contact us!
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