Natural Pot Scrubbing Brush

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Made of union fibre or Tampico fibre with untreated beechwood handle, this rough brush is ideal for cleaning your pots, pans, roasters, etc, its mixture of short and hard natural fiber strands will help you remove any remaining food from your kitchen tools without damaging them. Perfect for a plastic-free and zero-waste kitchen.
Features of this natural pot scrubbing brush:

  • Untreated beechwood.
  • Union Fibre: Palmyra fibre comes from the leaf ribs of palmyra palms which occur in India and Sri Lanka. The core from the stem of this palm provides the starch-containing foodstuff sago. Palmyra fibre is, like all plant fibres, wet-resistant and is used mainly for street-sweeping brooms. However it is mainly blended with other plant fibres to make union fibre, a mixture which has proved itself above all for vegetable scrubbing brushes, mops, and scrubbers because of its hardness and resilience.
  • Tampico fibre is obtained from the leaf veins of a type of agave that grows in the highlands of Mexico. It has a high degree of resistance and therefore is used to make scrub brushes, washing brushes, and also, given its characteristics, where high heat resistance is required.
  • Plastic-free.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle.

Recomendations for use:

  • Let it air dry after use.
  • Store in a dry place.


  • Height: 8cm.
  • Diameter of the brush-head: 6cm.


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