Small linen bag

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These linen bags are a perfect alternative for single-use plastic bags. Suitable for bread, vegetables, fruits – all kinds of groceries, and not only! Take this bag with you to a local supermarket or use as a kitchen storage organizer.

Why linen? Linen/flax is known to possess great qualities and is perfect for long-term storing. Linen causes no allergic reactions, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it doesn't absorb dirt. If cared for correctly, it can last for decades – and it gets softer after every wash!

Size: 14x18 cm

Care: wash with max 40 C / 104 F, dry with low temperatures in dryer or let it dry naturally, do not bleach, do not iron when wet.
Bags no longer suitable for use can be recycled with textile waste, or composted!

Handmade in Estonia

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