Oval Hair Brush with Wooden Rounded Tacks

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Oval HairBrush with Wooden Rounded Tacks is ergonomic and very practical for medium long-hair. Its wooden pins are particularly respectful of your hair and allow a smooth yet efficient brushing, leaving it shiny. It is the perfect option to take care of both, your hair and the planet.

Features of the Oval HairBrush with Wooden Rounded Tacks:

  • Ergonomic handle made of natural waxed beech wood.
  • Black natural rubber pad.
  • 9 rows of rounded maple pins.
  • They are strong like wire brushes, but smoother for the scalp.
  • The brushes are anti-static.
  • These rounded tacks are able to massage the scalp smooth and softly.

Care tips:

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Do not soak it.

If you want to clean the Brush more thoroughly, we must put in a bowl tepid soapy water, a few drops of white vinegar and baking soda. Introduce the Brush in that solution and rub the teeth with a brush. Then rinse it very well so that no residue remains, drain it and dry it in the air.


  • Overall Length: 22,3 cm.
  • Brush Length: 10,5 cm.
  • Width: 6 cm.
  • Thickness: 3,5 cm.

Made in Germany.

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