Bowl Covers

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These reusable and washable bowl covers are a perfect alternative to disposable plastic wrap and foil. They are ideal for transporting snacks, covering meals, salads, party food – basically anything you want to keep safe for later. Additionally, they are great for sourdough to rise and for kombucha to brew!

Care: throw them into a washing machine when dirty, or hand-wash them, and reuse as many times as you want.

A set of three bowl covers has a paper wrap around the pack and consists of:
-Small: covering dinner bowls up to 20 cm diameter.
-Medium: covering bowls up to 23 cm diameter.
-Large: fitting most larger mixing bowls up to 27 cm diameter.

100% elastic band, cotton

Colours available: grey, black, black stripes, pink, white, blue, yellow, checkered big, checkered small.