nuud is an all-natural and vegan deodorant, not containing aluminum, chemicals, artificial fragrances, alcohol, or anything else you don’t want on your body.

Absolutely innocent:

  • Completely harmless to you and the planet
  • No aluminum, no parabens, no artificial odors, no chemicals, no alcohol, no anxiety
  • No animal testing, 100% vegan
  • No clogging, no staining
  • Sugarcane tube, biodegradable cardboard, sustainable production and CO2 neutral distribution


Very effective:

  • Revolutionary natural deodorant, preventing odor by neutralizing bacteria with micro silver
  • Odor-free from 3 to 7 days with one application
  • Sports or showering have no effect on nuud's effectiveness.
  • Extremely concentrated (up to 10 weeks with 20 ml pack)
  • Patented formula


Produced in the Netherlands.

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